Our Mission

#SOWHAT Movement

The laws governing the sexual offender registry are largely ineffective and unconstitutional. They create a false sense of security for society and strip offenders of their sovereignty - no matter the severity of his or her crimes. It goes without saying that there are horrendous crimes that which deserve strict justice however, we believe that those individuals should not be released back into society to begin with. 
We are a movement for change. We are a push to give non predators and youthful offenders a second chance. We seek to spread public awareness and change the status quo. 


Youthful Offender Consideration

The amount of teenagers and young adults required to register as sex offenders is growing rapidly. No young adult should face a life time sentence as a sex offender for crimes where there was consent, non violence, or without victim. For instance, an 18 year old required to register for having consensual relations with a 14 year old. That is the equivalent to a senior and freshman in high school. Do these offenders deserve to be put in the same category as rapists and child molesters? Absolutely not. Join the movement as we petition and push to reform the inhumane, unconstitutional sexual offender laws.